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We thank a lot our photograph Martin Scott for the apartments pictures.

Thanks to the CRT Riviera Cote d’azur and tourism office of Vallauris Golfe Juan for the pictures of towns and villages to visit near the flats.
We are also particularly grateful to our guests and friends for their invaluable help in translating the many texts into Dutch and German and thank
Sara van den Bergh, Juergen Bertram, Mareile Bertram, Marian de Bruyne, Michele Chavet, Silvia et Kurt Hanselmann, Meike Heidmann, Rob Heuvers, Esther Kuipers, , Claudia Lippmann, Anne de Maeyer, Monique Den Ouden, Günter Rabisch, Myriam Roppe, Beatrice et Prof. Dr. Karl Schörghuber, Gaby et Marco Speichinger, Lisanne van

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